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Rexroth Dealer

We are the top provider, trader, and distributor of Rexroth products, including hydraulic pumps, motors, control valves, and other engine components. These items are in great demand among customers across the local and national markets because of their high usefulness characteristics. The reputable market suppliers that produce the supplied items use premium raw materials and cutting-edge technology in accordance with international standards.

Our recommendation and supply of Rexroth come from the fact that we only distribute components that we are confident will meet the standards demanded by our clients. We are the dependable provider you require for your Rexroth components because of our dedication to providing first-rate service and our in-depth expertise. 

  • We provide all of our client's same-day shipping and, in most cases, next-day delivery.

  • Additionally, we provide the following: 24/7 client assistance.

  • A committed technical support staff that will give you the finest assistance feasible.

In search of a Rexroth distributor? Look nowhere else. Your one-stop store for all things Rexroth is MultiTech India Access our online store to browse the selection of Rexroth products, make offers, and place orders.


Why should you select Rexroth?

In the realm of drive and control technology, Rexroth is a recognized authority. It creates ground-breaking ideas for global producers of machines. The Bosch Group, established in 1795 and has since become one of the most renowned providers of hydraulic and electronic components, is the owner of the Rexroth trademark. The hydraulic pumps, motors, control valves, valves, and other engine parts offered by Bosch Rexroth are only a few examples.

Rexroth is an excellent mobile hydraulics partner. It creates novel ideas for machine makers worldwide and offers various hydraulic components, such as motors, valves, hydraulic pumps, and more.


You may get a variety of mobile hydraulics and electronics from Rexroth through a Rexroth dealer. Axial piston pumps and motors, mobile control valves, electronic controllers, external gear units, gearboxes, sensors, radial piston motors, joysticks and pedals, and displays are just a few of the high-quality Rexroth components and accessories that are offered.

If you are searching for a good Rexroth dealer, here are some qualities you need to look for.


8 qualities of a good Rexroth Dealer

  • A retailer that provides its esteemed clients with items in a range of characteristics. These products should be well-calibrated with a long-standing shelf-life and a guaranteed service.

  • These goods should be complimented for their longevity, ease of installation, flawless finish, minimum maintenance, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, a good dealer offers a range of products with the highest proved efficiency. 

  • A retailer carrying a comprehensive selection of Rexroth products, such as check valves, axial piston pumps, directional pumps, gear pumps, and direction control valves.

  • Before final distribution, the dealers should ensure that their quality inspectors inspect these items on several criteria. Experts should ensure that quality checking has been done to ensure the customers get their hands on the best and the finest products with 100% functionality. 

  • A group of skilled quality controllers inspects each product once production is complete to ensure that it leaves our facility without any defects.

  • To better serve their devoted clients, the dealer should provide items with diverse requirements. In addition, there can be chances that some errors may occur, though this incident is highly rare. However, the dealer should ensure that the product is exchanged promptly in such situations. Or should also be ready for refunds if the matter is a subject of repayments. 

  • Additionally, the dealers have to offer superbly practical items with fantastic designs to domestic and foreign sectors.


We are glad to inform you that MultiTechIndia has all these qualities, which makes it one of the best Rexroth dealers in the Market.

Why Collaborate with us?

MultiTechIndia, a reputable business founded in the year MultiTechIndia, deals in supplies, trades, exports, and a wide range of hydraulic valves, motors, and other electrical items. We provide motors, pumps, valves such as directional control valves, and hydraulics for air and water. We work with top-notch raw materials bought from reliable business partners. Our goods are well-liked for their strength, corrosion resistance, compact structure, exquisite polish, sturdiness, and long-lasting standards. To provide our clients with an impeccable selection of industrial items, we also create these products by international quality standards, utilizing cutting-edge facilities and technology.

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