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Hydraulic Pumps

When it comes to Hydraulic pumps, we have been the best in the industry for over a decade. Our brand delivers incomparable pumps when it comes to durability and functionality. Our variable displacement line of pumps has an axial piston, which includes medium and high-pressure pumps. Our extensive range of hydraulic pumps is ideal for enterprises, homes, and agriculture.
Our line of pumps is classified as positive-displacement pumps (hydraulic) and is categorized into various series according to usage. We have the P-Series, Hydrostatic Series, Vane Series, Radial Piston, and Bent Axis Series

1.    P-Series Pumps (Medium Pressure Pumps)
Our P-series pumps are the best variable displacement pumps in this range. This lightweight pump is carefully designed to have a compact build and usability in open circuits of machines. It generates a pressure of up to 4000 psi. The pump is ideal for agriculture, home gardening, municipal and company vehicles, aerial platforms for work, and fan controlled cooling system.
2.    Hydrostatic Series
Our remarkable Hydrostatic series uses positive displacement to pump fluids in the hydraulic system. It offers flexible displacement for open circuit applications. Our hydraulic series pumps are compact and operate at a pressure of 4000 psi. in addition, and our hydraulic series pumps provide a quiet and effective operation.
3.    Vane Series
A vane pump is a positive displacement pump in a self-priming positive mode. The speed achieved by the vane series pump is 9000 rpm offering a pressure of 4000 psi. The pump has a relief valve that prevents the pump from building an excessive force that may damage the pump. The pump has a robust design to suit all your needs.
4.    Miniature Piston Pumps  
Miniature piston pumps are in high demand, and we have the best in the series. Our pumps are designed to operate at a pressure of 276 bars with speed and efficiency. The pumps are silent operators with significantly reduced footprints.
5.    Radial Piston Pumps
Radial piston pumps operate under high pressure, and our sturdy design gives them high performance and stability. The pumps are mechanically designed to run up to 700 bars of pressure. We offer the best radial piston pumps for presses, machines, clamp hydraulics, machine tools, and processing plastic work.
6.    Bent Axial Series
In this unique design of pumps, the piston is fixed at an angle to the thrust plate and drive shaft. The piston is accurately restored to the drive shaft by a universal joint to enhance performance. Our range of bent axial pumps is best suited for core components of EHA (electro hydrostatic actuators).
7.    Hybrid Series
The hybrid series is one of our unique products for special needs. The hybrid pump design is integrated with safety and adaptable working conditions. It has a fixed displacement vane pump with a PV piston pump. It is a premier product in our range of products with an alternative interactive variable of two mechanical pumps.
The Bottom Line
Our range of pumps is designed after many design efforts and ongoing trials. We take feedback from our users and do extensive R&D on the requirement and feasibility. Apart from these products, we have a range of other products. Do visit our website pages for more products.

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