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Hydraulic valve


A hydraulic valve correctly controls the flow of a liquid medium, often oil, through your hydraulic system. The location of a spool controls the flow direction of the oil. The only way a hydraulic system can operate adequately is through valves. As a result, you should constantly search for a suitable hydraulic valve to fulfil your requirements. The maximum hydraulic system flow and pressure via the valve, along with the requisite size, are the determining factors for selecting the suitable Hydraulic Valve.

MultiTechIndia has the best range of Hydraulic Valves. Our hydraulic valves are very robust and extremely useful. Even in the most demanding industrial applications, our company's comprehensive array of hydraulic valves provides optimum performance. The extensive line of hydraulic valves from MultiTechIndia gives scope to various market applications with powerful flow and directionality. With MultiTechIndia, you may achieve enduring performance and stability.

Hydraulic valves may be found in a wide range of sizes and comply with several international standards. There are numerous alternative mounting options for hydraulic valves, including flanged mounting, pipeline mounting, subplate mounting, and mounting with a threaded connection for cartridge valves. The three primary categories of hydraulic valves are- pressure control valves, directional control valves, and flow control valves. Each valve controls different hydraulic system functions.


Directional control valves

Directional control valves are highly efficient in starting or stopping of hydraulic oil and including the change of the flow of this oil. As these act in changing the direction of the pressure medium, they are also referred to as switching valves.

Directional Poppet Valves

The MultiTechIndia directional poppet valves can be well-fitted into housing bores having a threaded connection. We provide poppet valves that are highly efficient in working with operating pressures above 1K bar.

Directional Spool Valves

The directional Spool valves at MultiTechIndia offer very sophisticated features, including robust switching power, Reduced actuating force, and the availability of different control options.

Non-return Valves

Our Non-return valves, also termed as check valves, ensure high productivity with work to ensure these are suitable for prefilling, protecting other hydraulic components, and usage as bypass valves to maximize the output.

Pressure control valves

A pressure relief valve and a pressure reduction valve are the two pressure control valves that are present. Due to the requirement to send all flow to the tank, pressure relief valves have a larger flow capacity than pressure-lowering valves.

In hydraulic systems, pressure relief valves are employed to keep the system pressure within a predetermined range. When this predetermined level is achieved, the pressure relief valve reacts by feeding any surplus system flow back into the tank.

Pressure Relief Valve

Our highly durable Pressure relief valve ensures that the hydraulic system pressure is limited to a determined rate ensuring there is no wastage of the liquid due to overflowing. It is powerful and responds promptly to empty the excess flow back to the tank from the hydraulic system.


Pressure Reduction Valve

The Pressure reduction valves at MultiTechIndia offer management of the secondary pressure which arises in the system as an output pressure. It works best in all designs and is a guaranteed valve to influence internal pressure.

Flow Control Valves

The aperture at the throttling point can be reduced or increased using flow control valves to regulate the flow. This aids in determining the actuators' movement speed. The most basic flow control valve design is a linear slot or needle installed in the pipeline and coupled to a screw that changes the opening at the throttling point. These are known as "throttle valves" because the fixed throttle modifies the actual flow through the valve under various loads.

Pressure Compensated Valves

All pressures have a predetermined throttling flow in the pressure-compensated flow control valve at MultiTechIndia. A series valve is another name for the two-way pressure-compensated flow control valve. The smothering of this valve and the pressure reduction valve are connected in sequence. The pressure relief and throttle are parallel at a three-way pressure control valve. Hence, we offer a good variety for you to decide from.

Throttle Valve

Depending on your systems, we offer a variety of throttle valves with varying pressure to ensure this valve will endure the changing forces.

To learn more about our hydraulic Valves, get in touch with us through our experts at MultiTechIndia. In addition, it is always advised to talk to an expert before installing a hydraulic valve, so feel free to contact our experts. They will give you the right advice regarding your requirements and the one that best fits your budget.

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