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Hydraulic Motors

When it comes to Hydraulic motors, we have been the best in the industry for over a decade. Our brand delivers incomparable hydraulic motors with durability and functionality. Our extensive range of hydraulic motors is ideal for enterprises, high-powered lawnmowers, and excavators. Our range of hydraulic motors is best suited to convert hydraulic pressure into mechanical energy.
Our line of hydraulic motors is classified into various series according to usage. We have the Piston Hydraulic Series, Gear hydraulic Series, and Vane hydraulic Series.

1.    Piston Hydraulic Series
Our Piston hydraulic series motors are the best variable displacement and fixed volume versions. These hydraulic motors have adaptable loading conditions making them high-efficiency motors. This lightweight motor is carefully designed to have a compact build and usability as an axial piston pump.

Usually, there are two variants of Piston hydraulic pumps: -

 (a)    Bent Axis Hydraulic Motor
Bent Axis Hydraulic motor can be molded at an angle of 40 degrees. It provides a broader operating torque as compared to any inline hydraulic pump. However, it may not be able to give zero displacements which are provided by an inline motor.
 (b)    Swash Plate Hydraulic Motor
The swash plate is static but powers the drive to generate the force. In this type of motor, the axial Piston moves up and down. As it slides along the swash plate, the barrel rotates, and so does the drive shaft.


2.    Gear Hydrostatic Series
Our gear hydraulic series motors are compact and operate efficiently. Our remarkable Gear Hydrostatic series uses positive displacement to pump fluids in the hydraulic system. It offers flexible removal for open circuit applications.
We provide a range of Gear Hydrostatic Series for different use. The best sellers in this series are roller-gerotors, gerotors, and gear motors. Our range of motors is best known for the least friction and higher torque. In addition, they have a higher tolerance for hydraulic oil contamination, making them effective in contaminated areas.


3.    Vane Hydraulic Series
Our Vane hydraulic series is a positive displacement motor in a self-priming positive mode. The engine has a relief valve preventing excessive pressure that may damage the motor. The motor has a robust design to suit every kind of need.
Our vane hydraulic series is famous for its compact design and efficiency. It also incorporates reliability with our simple mechanics in design. Our design enables to start in high loads thanks to high starting efficiency to winch design

4.    Hybrid Motor Series
The hybrid motor series is one of our unique products for special needs. The hybrid motor design is integrated with safety and adaptable working conditions. It has a fixed displacement vane motor with a piston pump. It is a premier product in our range of products with an alternative interactive variable of two mechanical pumps.


The Bottom Line
Our range of hydraulic motors is designed after many design efforts and ongoing trials. We take feedback from our users and do extensive R&D on the requirement and feasibility. Apart from these products, we have a range of other products. Do visit our website pages for more products.



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