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Bosch Rexroth Direction Control Valve WE10

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

List of Rexroth Directional Control Valves WE10 Series from Bosch Rexroth

Contact for price +918920689377

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R900949689 3WE 10 A3X/CG12N9K4 R983056439

R900592014 3WE 10 A3X/CG24N9K4 R983031006

R900505885 3WE 10 A3X/CG24N9K4/V R983046052

R900594954 3WE 10 A3X/CW110N9K4 R983030942

R900915675 3WE 10 A3X/CW230N9K4 R983030944

R900923624 3WE 10 A3X/OFCG24N9K4 R983044032

R900942426 3WE 10 A3X/OFCW110N9K4 R983059102

R900942218 3WE 10 A3X/OFCW230N9K4 R983064138

R901299751 3WE 10 A3X/OFCW230N9K4/V R983058196

R900594429 3WE 10 B3X/CG24N9K4 R983031007

R900522018 3WE 10 B3X/CW110N9K4 R983030945

R900517341 3WE 10 B3X/CW230N9K4 R983030946

R900593277 4WE 10 C3X/CG24N9K4 R983031001

R900906473 4WE 10 C3X/CW110N9K4 R983030947

R900915651 4WE 10 C3X/CW230N9K4 R983030948

R900500925 4WE 10 C3X/OFCG24N9K4 R983031008

R900562032 4WE 10 C3X/OFCW110N9K4 R983044031

R900533250 4WE 10 C3X/OFCW230N9K4 R983050777

R900922999 4WE 10 D3X/CG12N9K4 R983031081

R900589933 4WE 10 D3X/CG24N9K4 R983031003

R900528144 4WE 10 D3X/CG24N9K4/B12 R983031058

R900910794 4WE 10 D3X/CG24N9K4/B20 R983053333

R900593676 4WE 10 D3X/CG24N9K4/V R983031053

R900598925 4WE 10 D3X/CW110N9K4 R983030949

R900914099 4WE 10 D3X/CW110N9K4/V R983040105

R900912496 4WE 10 D3X/CW230N9K4 R983030938

R900923393 4WE 10 D3X/CW230N9K4/V R983051251

R900591664 4WE 10 D3X/OFCG24N9K4 R983031009

R900593675 4WE 10 D3X/OFCG24N9K4/V R983031052

R900594948 4WE 10 D3X/OFCW110N9K4 R983030950

R900906132 4WE 10 D3X/OFCW110N9K4/V R983030972

R900915652 4WE 10 D3X/OFCW230N9K4 R983030951

R900945576 4WE 10 E3X/CG12N9K4 R983031083

R900588201 4WE 10 E3X/CG24N9K4 R983031002

R900509838 4WE 10 E3X/CG24N9K4/V R983031043

R900597186 4WE 10 E3X/CW110N9K4 R983030939

R900597014 4WE 10 E3X/CW110N9K4/V R983030994

R900911869 4WE 10 E3X/CW230N9K4 R983030952

R900595532 4WE 10 EA3X/CG24N9K4 R983031029

R900952779 4WE 10 EA3X/CG24N9K4/V R983031071

R900513064 4WE 10 EA3X/CW110N9K4 R983030973

R900950036 4WE 10 EA3X/CW110N9K4/V R983069855

R900913465 4WE 10 EA3X/CW230N9K4 R983044030

R900595533 4WE 10 EB3X/CG24N9K4 R983031045

R900524361 4WE 10 EB3X/CW110N9K4 R983030980

R900533543 4WE 10 EB3X/CW230N9K4 R983030974

R900529749 4WE 10 F3X/CG24N9K4 R983031039

R900918361 4WE 10 F3X/CW230N9K4 R983030971

R900555526 4WE 10 FA3X/CG24N9K4 R983044029

R900503405 4WE 10 G3X/CG12N9K4 R983031065

R900594277 4WE 10 G3X/CG24N9K4 R983031004

R900536428 4WE 10 G3X/CW110N9K4 R983030967

R900912497 4WE 10 G3X/CW230N9K4 R983030940

R900594481 4WE 10 GA3X/CG24N9K4 R983031046

R900501161 4WE 10 GA3X/CW230N9K4 R983030976

R900523517 4WE 10 GB3X/CG24N9K4 R983031047

R900909379 4WE 10 GB3X/CW230N9K4 R983044027

R900597986 4WE 10 H3X/CG24N9K4 R983031018

R900517315 4WE 10 H3X/CW110N9K4 R983030953

R900503425 4WE 10 H3X/CW230N9K4 R983030954

R900598662 4WE 10 HA3X/CG24N9K4 R983031030

R900912499 4WE 10 HA3X/CW230N9K4 R983030968

R900914913 4WE 10 HB3X/CG24N9K4 R983031048

R900930080 4WE 10 J3X/CG12N9K4 R983031082

R900589988 4WE 10 J3X/CG24N9K4 R983031005

R900936599 4WE 10 J3X/CG24N9K4/B08 R983055279

R900507497 4WE 10 J3X/CG24N9K4/B12 R983031060

R900593677 4WE 10 J3X/CG24N9K4/V R983031055

R900592338 4WE 10 J3X/CW110N9K4 R983030941

R900527508 4WE 10 J3X/CW110N9K4/V R983030943

R900911868 4WE 10 J3X/CW230N9K4 R983030955

R900917675 4WE 10 J3X/CW230N9K4/V R983030984

R900591095 4WE 10 JA3X/CG24N9K4 R983031049

R900503263 4WE 10 JA3X/CW230N9K4 R983030977

R900522760 4WE 10 JB3X/CG24N9K4 R983031066

R900909380 4WE 10 JB3X/CW110N9K4 R983044023

R900599646 4WE 10 L3X/CG24N9K4 R983031023

R900561079 4WE 10 L3X/CW110N9K4 R983030956

R900915669 4WE 10 L3X/CW230N9K4 R983030957

R900555529 4WE 10 LA3X/CG24N9K4 R983044022

R900550825 4WE 10 LB3X/CG24N9K4 R983052915

R900906453 4WE 10 LB3X/CW110N9K4 R983030996

R900500932 4WE 10 M3X/CG24N9K4 R983031024

R900500223 4WE 10 M3X/CW110N9K4 R983030958

R900916118 4WE 10 M3X/CW230N9K4 R983030959

R900585977 4WE 10 MA3X/CG24N9K4 R983031050

R900500716 4WE 10 P3X/CG24N9K4 R983044019

R900936647 4WE 10 P3X/CW110N9K4 R983071983

R900591325 4WE 10 Q3X/CG24N9K4 R983031025

R900599076 4WE 10 Q3X/CG24N9K4/V R983031044

R900505256 4WE 10 Q3X/CW110N9K4 R983030960

R900921465 4WE 10 Q3X/CW230N9K4 R983030961

R900598583 4WE 10 R3X/CG24N9K4 R983031026

R900536765 4WE 10 R3X/CW110N9K4 R983030962

R900593804 4WE 10 R3X/CW230N9K4 R983030963

R900503424 4WE 10 T3X/CG24N9K4 R983031040

R900538986 4WE 10 T3X/CW110N9K4 R983030998

R900931784 4WE 10 T3X/CW230N9K4 R983030978

R900592655 4WE 10 U3X/CG24N9K4 R983031027

R900522019 4WE 10 U3X/CW110N9K4 R983030964

R900909906 4WE 10 U3X/CW230N9K4 R983030965

R900597253 4WE 10 UA3X/CG24N9K4 R983044015

R900916902 4WE 10 UA3X/CW230N9K4 R983030979

R900588200 4WE 10 W3X/CG24N9K4 R983031028

R900574694 4WE 10 W3X/CG24N9K4/V R983031073

R900521281 4WE 10 W3X/CW230N9K4 R983067793

R900595531 4WE 10 Y3X/CG24N9K4 R983031031

R900966192 4WE 10 Y3X/CG24N9K4/B12 R983031079

R900925792 4WE 10 Y3X/CG24N9K4/V R983031051

R900537811 4WE 10 Y3X/CW110N9K4 R983030969

R900915670 4WE 10 Y3X/CW230N9K4 R983030970

R900527572 4WE 10 Y3X/CW230N9K4/V R983067421

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